Joint Stock Company
«Odessa Radial Drill Plant»



1.1. Precise boring semiautomatic machines are designed for:

  • Fine boring and cylindrical turning
  • Internal and external facing
  • Groove cutting and calibration
  • Boring and external turning of cone and profiled surfaces

1.2. The machine operation is based on principle of fine turning characterized by high speeds, small feed and depth of cut, i.e. by small section of removed chip.

1.3. Along with high accuracy of dimensions and shape of machined surfaces, this also allows for ensuring their accurate relative attitude and position with respect to the selected data.

1.4. Dependable upon material of the work piece machining is effected by high strength alloys and those made of composition materials.

1.5. The machines are manufactured as specialized - for certain work pieces. It is possible to manufacture the machine for certain group of work pieces.


1.6. The design of 2A754B machines is horizontal and includes:

  • Stationary bed with bridges installed at both sides of bed. Horizontal boring heads are installed on the bridges. The number and position of heads depend upon the work piece.
  • Work table with travel along the bed on which the clamping device for work piece is located.


1.7. Design of 2A776B and 2A777B is vertical and include:

  • Stationary bed with clamping device for work piece. Also vertical column is mounted on the bed.
  • Worktable with provision of vertical movement is installed on the column.
  • Vertical boring heads are installed on the worktable. The number and position of heads depend upon the work piece.

1.8. Design of combined machines:

  • Provide the possibility of machining the work pieces from several sided simultaneously and may include horizontal, vertical and inclined worktables and boring heads.
  • The number and position of worktables and boring heads depend upon the work piece.

1.9. Feed is provided by worktable by means of differential hydraulic cylinder.

1.10. Regular machine design provides tool clamping mechanism and tool tails accMachines are provided with cabinet type protection of work zone, which protects operator from chip and coolant.

1.11. AC motors through belts drive spindles of boring heads.

1.12. In vertical types of machines the worktable is counterbalanced at any point of its travel.

1.13. Dependable upon the work piece following devices may be used in the machines

  • Fine boring heads constituted spindle supported in the housing in precision thrust bearings. These heads are aided for usage of boring tools.
  • Facing spindle head. It is designed for usage of facing heads with radial feed of tool.
  • Spindle head for chucking jobs. It is designed for workpiece chucking and rotation.
  • Multipositional traversing table. It is designed for of the workpiece in directions which is axes of holes to be bored cross to worktable travel. It is used generally for workpieces with small distance between
  • Rotary table. It is designed for point-to-point angular positioning of the workpiece.
  • Slow feed mechanism. It is designed to provide a feed 1…5 mm/min on facing by end feeding.
  • Hydraulic stop. It is designed for changing the table extreme positions while machining the holes of various lengths. Accuracy of setting – 0.05 mm. It is capable of operating in the mode of slow feed mechanism for great length of the table travel. Minimum motion speed - 3.7 m/min.

1.14. Typical workpieses for machining on horizontal type machines:

  • Oil pump body and cover
  • Piston
  • Connecting rod
  • Gears

1.15. Typical workpieses for machining on vertical type machines:

  • Hubs of wheels and rollers
  • Axle boxes
  • Engine cylinder block
  • Cylinder liner

1.16. Typical workpieses for machining on vertical type machines:

  • Cylinder head as assy
  • Reducer body as assy with cover
  • Rear axle reducer case
  • Liner

1.17. Machines may be manufactured for separate usage or for installing to automatic line.

1.18. Standard power supply – 380V, 50Hz. Electric apparatus installing for other different power supply is possible for extra payment.


Name 2A754B 2A776B 2A777B
Limits for holes to be bored, mm 8...500 5...500 5...500
Limits for dimensions of workpieces, mm
Length 630 800 1200
Width 630 600 1000
Height 630 500 500
Maximum weight of workpiece, kg 600 600 900
Machining allowance, mm 0,3 0,3 0,3
Allowance offset, mm 0,1 0,1 0,1
Table travel, mm 630 400/630 630/1000
Feed range, mm/min 6...800 8...800 6...800
Rapid table travel, m/min 7,0 7,0 7,0
Maximum spindle speed, rpm 10000 10000 10000
Hole size tolerance, mm 0,02...0,05 0,02...0,05 0,02...0,05
Hole shape tolerance, mm 0,005...0,012 0,005...0,012 0,005...0,012
Roughness, mm
For steel 0,00250 0,00250 0,00250
For cast iron 0,00125 0,00125 0,00125
For bronze 0,00063 0,00063 0,00063
Overall machine dimensions, mm
Length 3295 3850 3520
Width 2250 2600 2510
Height 2450 4000 3925
Machine weight, kg 5200 10500 14400


3.1. Standard set of machines includes:

  • Tools
  • Clamping devices for workpiece
  • Pieces for securing on the foundation
  • Tools for maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Instruction for maintenance