Joint Stock Company
«Odessa Radial Drill Plant»


The plant was founded in 1884 bearing the name of "The Novorossiysk Mechanical and Iron foundry Plant".

After the destructive Civil War, the plant was restored in 1924 being given the name "The State Machine Building Plant after V.I.Lenin". Beginning from 1928 the production of machine tools was initiated by the plant, such as vertical drilling machines with drilling capacity up to 75 mm. By 1941 the transfer-drilling semiautomatic machines, honing, fine boring and deep drilling machines were brought into production process.

Then the Great Patriotic War began, the plant was evacuated to Sterlitamak (Bashkir Republic) in July 1941. Within the shortest period of time, i.e. in October 1941 the machine tool production was recommenced at that new place of plant location.

In May 1944 when Odessa got rid of German invaders, the restoration of the plant was decided to be arranged on the territory of Odessa, with the name "The Odessa Plant of Radial Drilling Machines" and already in November 1946 the first radial drilling machine with drilling capacity 50 mm was produced as well as machines with drilling capacity 75 mm & 100 mm, portable drilling machines with rotary head and providing drilling capacity 75 mm, honing machines with diameter 600 mm, deep drilling machines up to 50 mm of diameter.

After reconstruction of the plant which took place in 1970-1980, the Special Design Bureau of Fine Boring Machines & Designing and Technological Machine Building Bureau joined the Odessa Plant of Radial Drilling Machines thus forming the Odessa Machine Tool Manufacturing Association. Its production range was enlarged by special fine boring machines, deep drilling machines, and vertical machining centers with CNC.

In June 1994 as a result of privatization the Joint Stock Company "Odessa Radial Drill Plant" was formed. Production of the machines having the drilling capacity 32 mm & 40 mm was also included into production program.

  • Physical and legal persons own 85% of shares of JSC "Odessa Radial Drill Plant", 15% - the state property
  • Geographical Structure of sales - 33% makes domestics sales, 37% makes the sales to CIS, 30% - sales to other countries..
  • JSC "Odessa Radial Drill Plant" occupies 15 hectares
  • The enterprise personnel consists of 250 employees