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Horizontal deep hole drilling machine tools Model 2805P


1.1. Machines are used for precise drilling of holes of 4 - 12 mm diameter in workpieces made of steel, cast iron, bronze and different alloys.


1.2. Specialized machine tools aided for machining of determined workpieces or groups of workpieces may be manufactured on basis of this model.

1.3. Machine tools may be installed to automatic line.

1.4. Machine tools may have one and two spindle execution as standard.

1.5. Dependable upon workpiece machine tools may be manufactured in three or four spindle execution.

1.6. During one working cycle the holes may be drilled with accuracy of Н7 - Н9, and surface quality not less then Ra 1, 6.

1.7. Gun drills are used in the machine tool as cutting tool.

1.8. Gun drill, being installed in spindle, has rotation and longitudinal feed movement. While entering to the workpiece the front part of gun drill is supported by guiding bushing.

1.9. Middle part of gun drill is directed by support, which also minimizes vibration and reflect the coolant with extracted metal chip.

1.10. High-pressure coolant is supplied from coolant tank through coolant collector, spindle, gun drill to cutting zone. It cool the gun drill and evacuate metal chip from workpiece to chip conveyor.

1.11. Being separated from chip coolant is supplied to coolant tank for several filtrations and is supplied again to cutting zone by pump.

1.12. Selected drill depth is controlled automatically by adjusting of micro switches.

1.13. Machine tool has device for protection from overloading, which make automatic tool removal from hole and switching off the machine tool.

1.14. Safety micro switches and stops limit maximum travel of spindle stock platform.

1.15. Special device will release machining cycle only after installing and clamping the workpiece.

1.16. Automatic switch off of spindle rotation and feed will take place in case of extraordinary pressure reduction in hydraulic system of machine.


Name Unit 2805P
Drilling diameter mm 4-12
Drill depth mm 400 and 630
Spindle number 1-4
Spindle speed RPM 800-10000
Feed mm/min 20-200
Feed adjustment stepless
Rapid tool movement mm/min 8200
Distance from bed to drill axis mm 1250
Maximum diameter of workpiece mm 400
Maximum length of workpiece mm 650
Coolant type MP-3
Length of machine mm 4600
Width of machine mm 3100
Height of machine mm 1850
Weight of machine kg 5700


3.1. Pieces for securing on foundation

3.2. Tools for maintenance

3.3. Spare parts

3.4. Guide manual